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Welcome to The Pocahontas Cabins. Each cabin, nestled inside the Monongehela National Forest, is dedicated to fostering a spirit of adventure in every guest.

Our cozy and simple living environments offer a peaceful place to rest your head after a day of fun amongst the WILD AND WONDERFUL WEST VIRGINIA! 


Pocahontas, WV has so much to offer...

Cranberry Glades Botanical Area

A walk through the Tundra...

Hike through a cluster of five natural bogs nestled in the heart of southeastern WV. The pines are calm and the morning dew is thick. The natural bog makes for a thrilling trip into West Virginia's very own tundra. 

The Highland Scenic Highway

Almost Heaven...

Drive (almost) into the heavens and up the Highland Scenic Highway. This designated National Scenic Byway offers more than just a pretty view. The 43 mile roadway connects four gorgerous overlooks and lifts the passengers to an eleveation of over 4,500 feet!  

Spruce Knob - Seneca Rock

TAKE A HIKE! No really....take a hike. This wonderland of rock formations and scenic views entertains every sense as one trails through this portion of the Monongehela National Forest. 

Cranberry Mountain Nature Center

Get interactive with the visitors center for the southern portion of the Monongehela National Forest. Offering views of the valley, educational displays and auditorium exhibits, this place has something for every age. 

Falls of Hills Creek

Three waterfalls wait for you to traverse their heights! This hiking destination point is emits beauty in both the warm months and cold months. The waterfalls freeze over in winter creating magnificent ice sculptures that only nature can imagine. Behold the splendor that are the Falls of Hills Creek! 

*ATTN: This hiking trail has severe steps and could pose a danger to those with poor health. Please consider the risks. 

Green Bank Observatory

Play amongst the stars in Green Bank, WV! This observatory is hosted by our country's National Quiet Zone. It boasts the world's first ever single-disk radio telescope, which has been a pivitol tool to our astronomers' understanding of outer space. Feed your inner astronomer by taking a telescope tour, enjoying their star lab or learning from their very own scientists! 

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